UNIMONI shall not be responsible for any error or omission made by the Registered User while posting the transaction details in or otherwise providing the information required to avail of a facility, or any consequences of such error or omission.

Although UNIMONI adopts security measures which it considers appropriate for the web-site it does not warrant that the web-site is immune from hacking, unauthorized access that may impair the working of the web-site.

UNIMONI has not verified and shall not be responsible for any information or content on the web-site or on web-sites linked to or with the web-site. Access and use of the web-site and the facilities provided by the website is entirely at the users own risk. If UNIMONI is unable to complete the disbursement of the remittance payment to the beneficiary because of the incorrect information provided by the registered user about the beneficiary, such as wrong misspelled name, a wrong or misspelled address, the wrong bank or bank account or any other misinformation, the registered user will be liable for any costs, fees,
expenses and losses that UNIMONI incurs in returning the Remittance Payment to the registered user ,such as processing costs, losses arising due to exchange rate fluctuations, service charges and exchange commissions.

The registered user agrees that UNIMONI shall not be responsible for any delay/ failure to execute or mis-execution of the registered user's remittance request which is beyond UNIMONI’S control, whether caused by acts of omission by any intermediary bank, war riots, governmental or court orders, or any other similar circumstances. UNIMONI does not warrant the functionality of the REMITTANCE FACLITY or the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of any information related thereto.

UNIMONI does not guarantee the cancellation of the transaction once provided. The transaction or remittance request may be cancelled subject to the cancellation request being received and acted upon before the remittance request is executed by UNIMONI . The information, material, suggestions, displayed on the web-site are termed as content and UNIMONI assumes no responsibility for any mistakes, omissions, inaccuracies, typographical errors etc and does not take any warranty regarding any content on the web-site.