Transfer Money Online, at Your Own Pace, from Your Own Space!.

Unimoni Qatar comes as a solution to the next generation of money movers who would like to transact at their own time and pace. Using our portal or mobile app, you can sit in the comfort of your home, office or pretty much anywhere, and send money anytime anywhere. Through our strong network of correspondent banks and payment agents, your money reaches its destination with no hassles. Enjoy an enriching experience while transferring money online, benefitting from the combination of competitive exchange rates, quick processing, enhanced security and a friendly Customer Care team at your service for any support.

Why Send Money Online Through Unimoni?

Best Exchange Rates

Pay less to send money online! Take advantage of our competitive exchange rates and low transfer fees.

Quick and Simple

No need to queue anymore to send money!
Register just once and enjoy convenient money transfer for life.
Send money from anywhere, anytime.

Electronic Know your Customer (eKYC)

At Unimoni Qatar, verify your identity electronically by following few simple steps.

Safe and Secure

We guarantee security at every stage of your money transfer experience. You can be rest assured
that your money and information will always be safe with us.

Multiple Ways to Receive Money

Cash pick-up or bank transfer – you can choose the most convenient way for your friends and family
to receive money.

Keep track of your transactions

Unimoni maintains a record of all your transactions safely, for your quick and easy access.

How to transfer money online through Unimoni?

1.First register and activate your account.


2.Then log in to your account and add the recipient details.


3.Enter the transfer amount, choose from the payment options and click to remit.

Voila! Your money is on its way to your recipient. Yes, it’s that simple! Don’t forget to make a note of the transaction number for your reference.

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